Monday, January 28, 2008

A little nagging about some of the good live jazz that's on this week.

Wednesday at "The Harrow" up Hughenden Valley, Lynn Garner, Ken McCarthy and Brad Lang team up again to give you an evening of song, with a little humour. The Little Jazz Bird will sing from 8.30pm, its a free event, and hot food is available.

Thursday, the guest at The Hedsor Social Club, alongside The Clive Burton Quartet, will be saxophonist Brian Thompson. Again it's an 8.30 start, its £3 to get in, and further funding for the band is provided by the famous raffle.

Please add in to your diary Friday 28th March, when we will be again running a concert to raise money for Cancer Research UK. This year it will be at The Hedsor Social Club, which is fast becoming an important local jazz venue. Tickets will be available soon at £10 a head. It will be run on similar lines to before, in Cafe style, where you can bring your own feast, but you must get the drinks from the bar.

One last word for now at least, and that is a retrospective look at The fabulous Shirtlifters evening of Winter Ineluctability (last Saturday).

The place was packed, the fun was HIGH, and they had as guest Rolf Harris!! Yes, he did play his accordion with them on at least 2 numbers, and told a couple of quality jokes to boot! And it wasn't John Brooks in drag!!

Mike Wills was another playing guest with them for the evening, and he played his very small 1910 bent soprano sax with real style.

Overall it was the sort of relaxed evening that meant you got really close to people you had never met before, and really really close to those you already new!!

Well done Shirtlifters. It's amazing that they can go on doing it year in, year out, giving away many thousands of pounds to charity over those years.


Geoff C

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