Monday, March 03, 2008

And you all thought it was safe now to STAY IN!! WRONG

Because there are so many things to go out for this week, and into the not too distant future. AND they are all near YOU, AND don't cost much more than £5 each (bar one).

That one first, is the Concert we are organising for Cancer Research UK, which is a £10 ticket price. A PDF file with all the details is attached. Please note, it has been amended to include the news of our two super guest artist. There may be more coming, but I have run out of room on the poster, so you will just have to come and see on the night. Please support this very worthwhile cause.If you can print and display the poster near you, please do.

Tomorrow, Tuesday 4th March, There will be Jazz at The Bourne End Community Centre Bar from 8.30pm. It will be a small group and singer organised by drummer Terry Parsons. Entry, including a light supper, and a raffle, is £4.

Also tomorrow, slightly further a field, guitarist Tim Saunders will be playing The Brook Green Hotel, Hammersmith, together with saxophone star Duncan Lamont. 8.30 pm start, free entry to the cellar bar.

Thursday, our regular gig at The Hedsor Social Club has the return of our "regular" sax star Mike Wills. Expect some wonderful harmonies. 8.30 start, £3 in plus a raffle.

Sunday, at The Fifield Inn, Century Jazz play host to that wonderful saxophonist Pete Cook.

Rushing towards us at the speed of time, Our next James Fenn guitar led evening at Hedsor is Monday 17th March. 8.30 start, £5 to get in, and that's it, NO RAFFLE! Tell your friends, we need the audience, the music is wonderful, but people don't know that yet!

Two bits of round plastic that you might like to consider adding to your round plastic library this week.

Most recent first is a DVD (yep, you can watch AND listen) of the Liane Carroll Trio LIVE at the Brecon Jazz Festival. It was recorded last year, and has a typical session from this wonderfully entertaining singer. Described by Julian Joseph as having a "smoky voice" (well ,she used to be able to sing, play the piano and smoke, all at the same time, now the law only allows her to sing and play the piano, and THAT only in suitably licensed premises, because, as we all know, live music is dangerous to your health), she has got a very distinctive sound. She conveys real emotion for all she performs, and some of her songs (Dublin Morning) will become future standards I'm sure. Its a good hour of concert, reasonable filmed, the sound is slightly hollow and needs the wick turning up a bit, but on the whole does give you a satisfying echo of her performance. Songs include the aforesaid Dublin Morning, and other favourites like "That Old Black Magic", and "Caravan", which allows the other two members of her trio to feature. Nothing, however well produced, is as good as hearing and seeing the performance itself, BUT Splash Point Records SPR007DVD is a great souvenir of her recent live act.

Going back to 1974, I've dug out from my vault this week a CD that I paid £13.50 for!! Ruby Braff might have been known as "the poisoned dwarf", but his playing was magical, lyrical, and so complete. In 1974 he played a concert in New York, and the CD has all of the music. With him, as his foil, was guitarist George Barnes. They produced magical music together, but there association was short lived, as they found they couldn't stand the site of each other!! BUT happily the music lives on. Light and springy and full of tunes you know. "There Will Never Be Another You", "Thou Swell", "Squeeze Me", and even "Here There And Everywhere" by Lennon and McCartney. The label is Chiaroscuro, and the number is CR(D)126. And it is a great listen!

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