Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Hedsor Social Club, Hedsor Road, BOURNE END, Buckinghamshire SL8 5ES
Tel: 01628521921

Hi there jazz fans.

This little reminder is all about the concert at The Hedsor Social Club this coming Friday (March 28th). I just wanted to make sure those of you who are coming knew it was at The Hedsor Social Club NOT The Bourne End Community Centre as in previous years.

You will find a map above for its location (in Hedsor Road) and it is next door to the garden centre. Ample car parking is there, and its FREE.

Also Please feel free to bring your own food, as only crisps and nuts are available from the bar. But do buy all your drinks from the bar, they are very reasonably priced, and it is only through the good offices of the Social Club that we can run this event (and all the other jazz we run there), so please patronise the bar.

I'm really looking forward to it now. The music, I know, will be to a very high standard, it always is, but we are adding in 2 very special people to this years concert. Lynn Garner is a singer who always sends shivers down my spine, she has a tremendous ability to get to the emotional centre of any song. We also have John Slater, another very talented musician, playing trumpet for us this year. He is equally at home on keyboard or bass and he also has a wacky sense of humour. But so has Lynn G, so it could well turn out to be a memorable evening!

There will be a raffle, always a highlight on a Thursday, and I think the prizes are up to the usual Thursday Standard!

So come along, bring your own picnic, and a good time will be had by all.

AND Cancer Research UK will benefit from all the profit we make.

Geoff C

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