Friday, January 28, 2011

Some of you, I know, find Friday nights boring. Very little local jazz. Well, at least some of the local lads feel the same. Above is a poster for 2 guys we know fairly well and they are playing TONIGHT. If you are free, and still bored, why not go along, you may even get in before the food runs out!!

A quick look back on last night. What a lovely sound John Rolls generates, and it did swing along very well. OK, so it all got a bit chaotic towards the end, but that's what the Rebellion Beer is for!!

There must have been something remarkable on the TV last night as well, because a number of you stayed at home. We have your names. In future we require absence notes signed by a responsible person! So, we will see you ALL next week.

Don't forget, you need to get your tickets for Feb 17th, the Zane Cronje Benefit night concert. I can say now that we do have Max Brittain on guitar, and Stuart Henderson on Trumpet already signed up to come, and all the musicians coming have generously agreed that they will ask NO FEE, in line with the Hedsor Social Club themselves who are giving us the big room at no cost. A great response to a time of need.



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