Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tonight is Jazz at Hedsor night.

It should be the Clive Burton Quintet without guests, but still with a dep for Zane.

I understand from Margaret that Zane my very soon be released from Wexham Park Hospital for continuing treatment at home. The thinking being that he will be more comfortable there, and may get a better nights rest.

I visited Zane last Saturday, and he was in considerable discomfort, and although the main procedure has been accomplished, the blockage between his duodenum and his pancreas has been removed, he will still need a long period of recovery. However since Saturday, he is stronger, and able to get from the bed to the chair by himself. He is very appreciative of all your support and thanks all who have sent cards and messages.

Also tonight at Hedsor we should be having the long awaited arrival of proper beer!! Mark the barman has promised us Rebellion!!

I’m a bit pushed for time right now, but I will add this message to the blog pages for all to read. If anyone has missed a nagging email recently, please get in touch, and I will reinstate you.

A couple of dates for your diary, Cookham Festival’s Jazz Night is Friday May 20th, and the band is Vasilis and the Xtet. He is also playing at The Woodley Theatre with Martin Harts Trio on May 7th, see poster attached.

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