Friday, December 02, 2011

The Hedsor Jazz Pickup Band

Stuart Henderson
The Pickup Band


I’m just glad I had my old mini disk recorder with me last night, because the magic that is JAZZ, just happened last night.

Sometimes the sum of the parts is greater than the individual components, and last night it was about double.

Congratulations are due to the band members. They all reached beyond themselves to play to a pretty full Hedsor Bar, and were rewarded at the end of the evening with a standing ovation. One of our frequent visitors said to me excitedly as he left, “I have been coming many years, but that was the best jazz I have ever heard. I’m not kidding, I mean it”.

No more for me to add at this point. Those who visited Hedsor last night all knew it was something very special. Jazz synergy.

Just to repeat, the individual parts were, Stuart Henderson trumpet, “Tolly” tenor sax, Nigel Fox keyboard, Steve Picking bass, Mike Jeffries drums. The synergy was HEDSOR JAZZ.

Some of them are coming to our Christmas Party on December 22nd. Will you be there?


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