Thursday, December 01, 2011

Stuart Henderson

The Hedsor Pick Up Band

Just to confirm that tonight at Hedsor Jazz we have the following lineup:-

Stuart Henderson trumpet and flugle horn, “Tolly” tenor saxophone, Nigel Fox keyboard, Steve Pickins bass and Mike Jeffries drums!

“Tolly is of Eastern European origins, and I wouldn't be able to spell his name even if I knew what it was. But he has been to Hedsor before, and he is a super player, so tonight should be well worth turning out for.

I have spoken with Clive, and he recons to have recovered from his fall by about 5%. I think that means he is still very uncomfortable. To all who asked about the damage to the wall at the bottom of the stairs, he has said that when he is better, he will get his own back!! I think he meant on you, not the wall.

Usual start time of 8.30pm, usual entry charge £5, usual exit charges apply!


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