Friday, January 27, 2012

This weeks blog is a little on the late side. BUT it does need to be written today!

Yesterday I was very disappointed in my effort to plan a day of Jazz at Hedsor Social Club. Despite agreeing on a date in May (12th) and a cost for the hire of the club for the afternoon and evening and having confirmed bookings for Vasilis Xenopoulos plus for Stuart Henderson’s Big Band, plus many other famous names, I was told by phone last night that the club would now not be available to us. A booking (albeit, seemingly done without reference to a book!) for the day had been made for over 2 years before and was an immovable event! Some of you I know knew about our plans, and this unexpected outcome for them is very disappointing. I will keep you informed of any outcome and possible future dates for later in the year.

We can take heart however from last nights wonderful turnout for our regular quintet. It was great to see so many there, new faces as well. With a complete alternative rhythm section at the bar that only came to listen, it is a tribute to our regular guys and their musical standing.

As a matter of historic interest I discovered in my documentation the original poster for the first gig by The Clive Burton Quintet, and it was on Thursday 27th January 2001.

We do have things to look forward to.

Coming up in February we will have Stuart Henderson and Tolly, Simon Spillett, and Tracey Mendham (she is with us on Feb 16th). You will be pleased to hear that they are not all on the same night, but stretched across February. A diet of top notch jazz for your Thursday nights.

I’ll write a bit more next week, but I have one final piece of sad news to write today. 

Guitarist Brian Wilson passed away on Monday night. He had become increasingly frail and confused in recent months, but had enjoyed Christmas with members of his family. He had played regularly in the London area for many many years, and only stopped within the last 3 or 4. He used to be the interval act for the outdoor Cookham Jazz Festivals organised by Charles Benson and the Shirtlifters, so many of you will have been aware of his talents. He will be sadly missed.



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