Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I have just been informed by Clive Burton, that our drummer this week is NOT Mike Jeffreys. 

Our dep for Martin Hart on Thursday will be Julian Bown. Julian does some work with the Remix Jazz orchestra, but also plays in a band called "Black and Blue". He is the son of Alan Bown, who had a rock group in the 60's called "The Alan Bown Set". It will be Julian's first time at Hedsor Jazz.

Our regular pianist Nigel Fox is away on holiday (not honeymoon this time!), and we have with us again Ken McCarthy on keyboard. I don't need to tell you anything more about Ken. He is a legend already! Why don't you grab the chance on Thursday to ask him about his musical history. 

A very different shape to our usual Quintet, but one that will be exciting to listen to.  And it is still only going to be £6 entry.

We are so lucky to have such musical talent willing to come and play for us at Hedsor Jazz.

Geoff C
2.20 pm

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