Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tuesday August 21st

 Gillie Potter

Good Morning England!! (once a film and a catch phrase for Gillie Potter I think).

Just time to remind you that this week at Hedsor Jazz we have none other than award winning saxophonist Simon Spillett to keep Clive company in the front line. 

Simon Spillett

Also this week on drums we have a replacement for Martin Hart, as he has gone to Iceland (no, not just for frozen peas, but for a short holiday). In his place we have Mike Jeffries.

A brief retrospective on last week. We were well and truly Tracey d last week. Nice to see a good crowd. I think most people have now recovered from the ear splitting laughs and shrieks!

Clive Burton with Tracey Mendham

I dared Clive to call “Oleo”, and he did! I thought it was the best thing they played all night. I wonder if I dare call it again this week!! I still haven't forgotten the performance Simon gave with Art Theman at Marlow Jazz club earlier in the year. It was played so fast it was done with insolence!!

Don't forget to return to hear Simon with his own quartet on October 4th. We will have John Critchinson on piano, Alex Dankworth on bass and Clark Tracey on drums that night. A real aristocracy of British Jazz.

Until then, come on Thursday and hear the local “Sultans of Swing”, and all for just £6!

TTFN (a catch phrase from ITMA, or are you too young?)

Tommy Handley

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