Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Big Room Jazz

Just to remind you that we have another Hedsor Jazz evening tomorrow night, and again we will be in the big room. Do keep the numbers up, and dont forget to buy your ticket for the following weeks Christmas Party on December 20th. They are still only £10 each, and it should be a wonderful night with great music and great Christmas Buffet food.

Tomorrow night it will be our “regular” Clive Burton Quintet, all for £6 entry AND you get the chance to win one of our unique raffle prizes. Many people only come for those alone!!

It has been pointed out that we have the opportunity in the big room of eating food from a table!! Sarah Bason, Hedsor Club Steward, will be happy to provide plates and cutlery if you wish to bring take away food in with you from Bourne End. There is a Fish and Chip shop and numerous other food types available in The Parade at Bourne End. The email from Sarah says 

You can pre order the fish and chips and get some one to go and collect it from the shop in the parade at Bourne end - the place is called SMILES.
On Thursday there will just be me working so I will have nobody to go and collect - I am happy to supply some plates, condiments, and cutlery - if you could let me know possible numbers.
There are local pizza and chinese places that will deliver. And of course I am happy for anyone to bring there own food with them. The kitchen facilities at the club only extend to a microwave.

If you are interested in this idea do let Sarah know of your plate requirement:

Ken Rankine, hiding behind a microphone, 
and one of this years party guests, Willy Garnet

I think we were all greatly encouraged by last weeks Big Room event, I heard no negative comments about it, and quite a number of positives. So, dont let us down this week, and certainly we want the place full for our Christmas Jazz party on December 20th, which just happens to be our regular bass player Ken Rankine's 70th Birthday as well.


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