Friday, December 21, 2012

The LAST LAST Jazz Blog before Christmas.

Is just a thank you and a comment about last nights Hedsor Jazz Christmas Party.

 Some of the audience

First, thank you to the audience, who turned out in very appreciable numbers. Most of you we have seen before, one or two were new. I hope you enjoyed the evening, and do, please, come again. We want to build on the success that Hedsor Jazz has become. We are beginning to attract the best of the best local jazz musicians, but we do need consistent numbers to invite them to come more often.

Secondly a “thank you” to all who helped on the night. The table placers, the food preparers, the candle lighters, the clearers up, the bar staff. It was a magical night and without your help it couldn’t have happened.

 Gill Cook, with Ken Rankine and Martin Hart

Willie Garnet
Stuart Henderson with Mike Wills

Thirdly our guest musicians. Gill Cook, Willie Garnet, Stuart Henderson, Ken McCarthy (almost a band member now) all played superbly well. Our headlined guests, Gill and Willie must come again, PLEASE!

Clive, Mike, Ken and Martin

Lastly, our regular Clive Burton Quintet. They sounded superb. They come every week, they keep the flame of live jazz at Hedsor alive. Long may it be so.

So to all, may the excitement of the night carry you into 2013.

Hedsor Jazz meets again on Thursday January 3rd 2013. I hope we will see you all there.

Happy Christmas everyone.


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