Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Few Hedsor Dates for your Diary

Now you have that nice new diary for 2013 I’m sure you would like some events to put into it!

At Hedsor, we do have a few dates for you already!!

Probably too soon to actually put in your diary, but this week, Thursday January 24th we have that wonderful saxophonist Al Nicholls, whom we haven’t seen at Hedsor for a year or so. Leader of “Blue Harlem” a 50’s sounding “Modern” jazz band, he has also recently been leading his Swing Quartet around the country. You can catch clips of the Quartet here :-

Al Nicholls

Al was one of our guest soloist on the famous double album recorded live at Norden Farm by Clive and the Quintet in a Tribute to drummer Keith Vitty. I know that Al thought it one of the best recordings of his saxophone sound he had ever heard. Well, you can come and hear it live with the current Quintet at Hedsor THIS THURSDAY, January 24th.

He will be an additional guest, so the sound will be suitably large to fit our Big Room. Do come along, drive away the winter cold and take in some wonderful sax sounds. £6 gets you in. 8.30pm is our start time.

One of the advantages of the Big Room is that you don’t HAVE to come early to get a seat!! So if you want a little extra time to digest that dinner, come on down any time up to 11 pm!!

Clive with Tracey Mendham

Looking only slightly further ahead we have a return visit by that bouncy saxophone lady Tracey Mendham on February 21st. Mike Wills wont be there to support Clive, but you can come and help!! One of the advantages of our new big room experience is that the extra space will accommodate Tracey brilliantly. No, I’m not saying she herself is large, but she has got a large personality, which the big room will accommodate more comfortably than the bar!! No kidding Tracey is tremendous fun, has a great tenor sound, and will be well worth your £6 entry fee.

Looking even further ahead, definitely one to put in your diary is April 25th. This is an evening we are setting aside to raise money for Cancer Research UK. More details to follow, but it will be a great jazz event.

Vasilis Xenopoulos

Further and Further ahead August 8th has me celebrating my 75th birthday AND my wife June and I will also be celebrating our 54th wedding anniversary, so party night it will definitely be!! So far booked are Vasilis Xenopoulos and Nigel Price. And if you don’t know what there capable of, you haven’t been keeping up! I’m delighted that they will be with us that night with Clive and the Quintet and possibly one or two others.

Nigel Price

For those of you who have been lagging behind, Vasilis and Nigel are both appearing this coming Tuesday Jan 22nd at The Marlow British Legion Hall, curtsey of Michael Eagleton.

One final date fixed for this year is the 2013 Christmas Party! It will be on December 19th. No, we haven’t booked our guests yet!

Wow, haven’t we been busy!!

See you VERY soon.

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