Friday, February 01, 2013

Missing Messages

Last week, due to a rather crowded schedule here at Cronin Towers I didn't do a blog page, but rather a quick email message to my 80 or so signed up jazzers who like to get "nags". Unfortunately  NO ONE received the message! So, I have reproduced it below!

Yes, it's out of date, but some things are worth repeating. 

Last night we were a bit thin on the ground, BUT we had an excellent evening of jazz, with a welcome return of Mike Jeffries on drums. He will be with us again this coming Thursday Feb 7th. 

My last line still applies. We need more of you more often. We do have a plan for the year, and it should provide us with quality jazz and entertainment. All for between £6 and £10, depending on the event.

Also worthy of note is the link to the Eddie Condon Shows I mentioned:-

I have now had the chance to listen to about 5 of the shows, and musically they are great. Do listen out for Miff Mole, what a wonderful trombone player he was!

So, as you missed the nag, here is what it said:- 

Good afternoon jazz “fans”, (or as Richard Kellaway suggested at Saturdays “Ineluctable” evening “cats”)!

I thought as time was passing by I ought to issue a brief nag to annoy you enough to turn out for another jazz night at The Hedsor Social Club.
Tomorrow, Thursday 31st January (yes, January has gone!) we have an almost regular Clive Burton Quintet. The irregular but sporadic difference this week will be the drummer. In place of Martin Hart, (on his travels again) we are delighted to have back with us Mike Jeffries. After a short illness, we hope Mike Wills is in good enough health to play for us again too. “Stargazer” please!!

After the brief nag I put out last week about the Eddie Condon Archive of 1944-45 broadcasts I have investigated the 20 plus hours of music, and have realised they are saveable MP3 files, each of approx. 1/2 hour duration. They are really good (if you like that sort of jazz) and the recordings are very listenable. Not Hi Fi, but G F (Great Fun!)!

When I have a little more time, and without a Thursday looming, I will write a proper blog, and talk more about recorded music.

But, unless you keep turning out to fill Hedsor’s Big Room, recorded jazz music will all you will have to listen to!!TTFNGeoff

Finally I can now say that our line up for our Cancer Research Fundraising concert on April 25th will include Alan Graham on vibes, guitarist Max Britton, and our regular Clive Burton Quintet, with Mike Wills on clarinet. We will be performing a tribute to Benny Goodman.

So, I really do hope we will see you all soon, (and more often), at HEDSOR JAZZ!

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