Monday, February 11, 2013

Good Morning

What a delight  to see the snow back again, and another period of cold and ice. It gives you a great chance to catch up on some indoor listening.

However, I need you to keep on coming out, both on Thursdays, but also occasionally on Tuesdays as well.

Michael Eagleton and Marlow Jazz have an evening to look forward to tomorrow, guitarist Jim Mullen will be playing there alongside the Ken McCarthy Trio, (Ken was heard to great effect last Thursday at Hedsor). This week at Marlow his trio will include Dennis Smith on drums and a bass player, sadly unknown to me (yet!). So your travel efforts and £7 will get you some great jazz!

Also, staying with a Marlow theme, this coming Sunday evening I have been invited onto Michael’s Radio Marlow show to talk about our forthcoming gig at Hedsor featuring saxophonist Tracey Mendham (Feb 21st).

In return Michael has asked me to help publicise 2 other events he is presenting, and I am delighted to be able to do so:-

In Christ Church, Quoiting Square on Fri 26th April pianist Lenore Raphael from New York will be playing the church's Bechstein, with Peter Ingram (USA) drums and Dave Green, bass.

He has also added to his Marlow British Legion Club gigs with another recently booked date not yet on his web-site. On Tues April 16th he has saxophonist Jo Fooks alongside Al Nicholls (seen at Hedsor on January 24th) The gig will also be with Ken McCarthy on keyboard.

This Thursday at Hedsor we have our regular band, The Clive Burton Quintet, back with us, so I do hope you can come out through the thick and thin (thick=snow, thin=rain!) and fill up our new Big Room venue. 8.30 pm start £6 entry. What utter value!

I also have an extra date for your diary too. On March 21st we will be having a visit from one of our favourite saxophonists, Vasilis Xenopoulos. All I need to say is that it will only cost you £6 to get in!!

Vasilis with Clive at Hedsor on a previous occasion.

Have to go now, I will provoke further internal listening later in the week. But for now….

Follow the links below for some wonderful YouTube nostalgia!


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