Monday, July 08, 2013


It’s been too wet, it’s been too cold, it’s been a long time coming, but now it’s summer, and its TOO HOT!!

But doesn’t that make a change. Another topic for a British conversation about our weather. And now we have all learnt about the jet stream, no not the aeroplane, the air current high up in our atmosphere that basically controls what type of weather we get!

I am on my annual pilgrimage to Dorset, and this year it has gone from cold to hot without a rain in the middle. And I have already experienced more sun than in the whole of last year’s pilgrimage!

The Boogie Boys at this years Bridport Charter Fair

The main event for my trips to Dorset is of course The Swanage Jazz Festival which starts on Friday, but if you are still within range of Hedsor Jazz you will experience the magical music of live jazz on Thursday. This week we have the regular band! This is becoming a more unusual event. The need to paint railings or visit hospitals has meant many variations on our musical theme! But this week, do take the opportunity of checking out what 12 years has done to the Clive Burton Quintet.

Please remember to put another summer date in your diary. August 8th will see some top names coming to Hedsor to help me celebrate my 75 years. Vasilis Xenopoulos, Nigel Price and Gill Cook will be joining the Quartet. All this and food for only a £10 note!!

I can now also confirm that our Christmas Party on December 19th will be very special indeed. Our star guest this year is no other than that amazing singer of jazz, Tina May. Amazingly she was free on that date, and wanted to be with us as well! As soon as I get back from Dorset I will be getting a limited edition of tickets available for both these extra special Hedsor Jazz events.

Until then I will resume some shaded walks to shady places! There could be a hot time in a hot town Thursday night!


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