Tuesday, October 22, 2013

From here, I can see both ways!

All very cryptic! But I want to look forward from today to Thursday. This week we have the Clive Burton Quintet in its entirety! Everyone is back from their various forms of community service, and we should have some of the "good old good ones" as Louis used to say. So come along and join in the fun. Usual rules apply (no handwritten book of the rules for us to display, but we dont charge the same money as for a football game)! £6 to get in 8.30 start.

On to October 31st. And arriving from darkest Essex (perhaps on a broomstick?) to complete our Halloween experience we have Tracey Mendham. A wonderful saxophonist (if you haven't got her album you must ask her for it, it is excellent), and a wonderfully larger than life character, just right to complete October 31st! £6 is still the entry fee.

Looking now in the rear view mirror, wasn't last weeks session with Simon Spillett great? His playing is maturing all the time, and the rapport he has with Clive is wonderful to hear. Simon appeared to be more relaxed with us than at sometimes in the past, which is a great compliment to Hedsor Jazz and to "our" group of musicians.

I read a review in Jazz Journal not so long ago that summed up his playing. I reproduce it below:-

You will notice that it was a review of a concert in Reading!! And I agree with all the remarks about his playing. 

Still looking back, I was asked 2 weeks ago if I could replace the Cox Green School Jazz Orchestra at a charity concert in Maidenhead, which took place last Sunday. Well, I couldn't, but I knew men who could, and they did remarkably well, considering the only time they played together before their spot on the program was the sound check 1/2 hour before the audience came in. For this effort, Hedsor Jazz got a great plug in the program:-

The"talented bass player" was John Monney. "Our" quartet represented our jazz music to perfection.

The Noteworthy Singers are also well worth looking out for, and clips of their music can be found on their web site.

CD Listened to This Week

Its not new, to me or the CD world, but Louis Armstrong and his All Stars in Chicago, recorded in 1956, is still something to be savoured and marvelled at. No, nothing ground breaking just wonderful music, full of good humour that just makes you want to hear more. Its a double album, on Columbia Records COL 471870 2

So for now, that's it from me folks.

Geoff C

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