Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Your favourite read of the week!! Blog time from Geoff. It does seem to come around very quickly, but tomorrow is another Thursday. And that means some more exquisite jazz at The Hedsor Social Club!

Tomorrow will be special. Our guest saxophonist is a staunch and active supporter of Hedsor jazz, and a famous player in his own right.

Simon Spillett 

is coming tomorrow to stand alongside Clive. They will both be in front of Martin Hart on drums, back from his American tour, Ken Rankine on bass, back from his tour of Malta, and Nigel Fox, back from wherever he was last week!

Grass routes, seat of the pants jazz will be played with skill, excitement and swing. And YOU get all of this for just £6! As usual, the music starts at 8.30 pm.

And on Halloween night (October 31st) we have a young lady saxophonist extraordinaire! 

Tracey Mendham is coming to play for us again. 

A wonderful musician with a great big tone and a big personality to match. I do hope you are all planing on coming out to see her! 

So two great gigs with superb musicians and both can be heard for only £6 each and we don't charge extra for the car park! But as Vic Oliver (OK if you are that young Google the name) once said, "we have locked the doors so you have to pay to get out" 

Seriously though I know times are hard, but we have suffered a fall in attendance recently,(in line with many other places I know), but we could really do with your bum on our seats. Jazz at Hedsor is kept alive by the generosity of the members of Jazz Angels, who pay money into our bank account on a regular basis just to ensure live jazz remains available locally and in top quality. More people coming more often will ease the burden on that fund. To encourage people who may not have heard of Hedsor Jazz, some leaflets have been prepared, and some have already been put round local houses to advertise our club more widely. If you would like to do the same, some more leaflets will be available tomorrow, as will a poster for Tracey's gig if you have somewhere to place it.

One final plug is for a show taking place this coming Sunday evening October 20th in Maidenhead Town Hall's Desborough Suite. All for charity 4 singers and a choir will be "Steppin' Out" and so will some recognisable renegades from Hedsor Jazz. If you would like to be entertained in an early evening event this is the place to be from 6 pm until approx 8.30 pm.

Next week I hope to tell you of some CD's I've listened to recently, but in the meantime:-

TTFN (which is ITMA slang: OK resort to Google)!!


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