Wednesday, December 04, 2013

A Little Bit of a Blog Today

And as is my want, to both inform and to nag!!


This Thursday, December 5th, at Hedsor Jazz we have as a special guest, trumpet star Stuart Henderson. Anyone who has heard him before will need no second invitation or reason to come this week; Stuart is a wonderfully melodic and accomplished jazz trumpet and flugel horn player. BUT in case you do need another reason to come out on Thursday we have invited his long time associate tenor saxophonist “Tolly” to come as well. I cannot confirm for sure that he is coming, but he HAS been invited. Also on this weeks guest list is that familiar bass player Mr. John Monney. SO with Clive in the trombone chair alongside the other quartet regulars (except Mike Wills, who is sailing the high seas) it should be a great night. Usual bargain admittance price of £6 applies.

Next week, December 12th we have another long standing favourite of ours, saxophonist Peter Cook. Peter hasn’t been with us much this year, so here is an opportunity to catch up with him before the year ends.

And Nag

Then of course on December 19th we have our Christmas Party with our very special star guest singer Tina May. Alongside Tina as well as our loyal Clive Burton Quintet we will have vibraphone player Alan Graham. We are also hoping to attract Stuart Henderson and “Tolly” if they are free so soon before Christmas.

As you might expect tickets are going very well for this event, but I have put some over to our regular box office, The Stationery Depot in The Parade at Cookham. Their telephone number is 01628 531178. I think this is the fairest way for any of you who haven’t yet got tickets to get them even if you are unable to come to Hedsor before the 19th. IT IS VERY UNLIKELY THAT YOU WILL BE ABLE TO GET TICKETS AT THE DOOR after this Thursday. In order to avoid disappointment get a ticket (£10) before travelling.

I think that is all the nagging I‘m going to do for a few days, enjoy the break! You still have 20 days to shop before Christmas Day. Good Luck!


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