Wednesday, April 16, 2014

It’s hard to imagine, but almost another week has gone by and here I am again telling you about jazz at the Hedsor Social Club, or in short convenient form, Hedsor Jazz!

This week we have a return guest, but one who is with us as a guest in his own right for the first time. 

Robert Goodhew came last time by invitation of Vasilis Xenopoulos. This time he will be here by specific named invitation. He was impressive last time, and I am sure he will be tomorrow, when he appears again, this time just with Clive and the rhythm section.

The only sad thing about his appearance this month is that I don’t think I can be there myself! So you will just have to turn out in even greater number (!) to ensure a proper Hedsor welcome for him.

Just to entice you further I have attached a couple of photos of him, which he has kindly provided for us. As he says himself :-

Looking forward to Hedsor next Thurs. Thought I'd send you some photos which are a bit more informal than the 'suited and booted' ones on my website!”

Another very good reason for joining others who will be able to make it to Hedsor tomorrow night is our pianist will be none other than Ken McCarthy.

So there you go. With or without me tomorrow I do hope it is the start for you of a very pleasant Easter. Not too much chocolate remember. And if it is real eggs you will eat in place of the chocolate types remember that they too have an after effect. Too many of them can make you, well, lets us just say “housebound”.

Finally an advanced notice. On May 22nd we have one of our "special" Hedsor nights, when any profits from the evening will be donated to Cancer Research UK. Coming are all 17 of "The Remix Jazz Orchestra" directed by trumpeter Stuart Henderson, see poster below. Don't forget you can download this and print it for display.



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