Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Good Wednesday All,

I hope you all enjoyed your Easter Break and that you are not now recovering from chocolate poisoning!

I personally was very glad that I was able to make it to the second set last Thursday. Saxophonist Robert Goodhew is another of Britain’s young rising stars. He was a very enjoyable listen, and although I did hear the entire second half, I am told I missed an “unmissable” “Skylark” in the first! Some of you were winners, it seems that I cant win them all!

Tomorrow, Thursday 24th we are back to our beloved Clive Burton Quintet. They have now been together for at least 12 years, and we have grown to love the arrangements that a number of the musicians have worked out for them to play. Great tunes from the 40’s and 50’s, with a few even newer than that! All played with INFORMATION provided by that trombone player!!

Our next BIG EVENT is May 22nd when The Remix Jazz Orchestra, a 17 piece big band directed by Stuart Henderson, come to play for us.

A night not to be missed for more than one reason. They make a great sound that is rarely heard these days due to the shear cost of paying 17 musicians. Any profit we can glean from this evening will be donated to Cancer Research UK. Tickets are now available, and some will be with me tomorrow, at £10 each.

Cancer has regularly visited us at Hedsor. We have lost many many friends due to it’s effects. Most recently Cancer has claimed one of my friends, (but not from Hedsor Jazz), who was the nurse who supervised my extraction from Swanage when I was taken ill there 13 years ago. She died on the Saturday before Easter. Helen, who was in her late 40's, came regularly with husband Michael to the Swanage Jazz Festival, and was with us last July but will be very sadly missing this year. 

So, do come along on the 22nd May, enjoy the music, and just maybe raise a small amount of money for the fight against this mulit faceted disease.

Next Thursday might be another evening when I can’t be at Hedsor. That heart condition from 13 years ago means I will be enjoying the benefits of a day in Wexham Park Hospital from 8am on Friday 2nd May. An early night seems like a good idea!! So I must rely on YOU to let me know how well the evening goes.  Before then I may have time to write up some of the recorded music I have been listening to recently. But for now,



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