Thursday, July 17, 2014

More 25th Swanage Jazz Festival Comments and Photos

Saturday Evening

After a very pleasant meal in The Ship, my main listen of the evening was to Alan Barnes Reed Breed.

This was a well arranged ensemble of some of my favorite musicians with a rhythm section could not be bettered. 

The same can also be said of each of the saxophonists. Hedsor fans will know first hand how good Karen Sharp is, and Alan Barnes has been voted top in his class times without number. As I mentioned earlier Simon Allen is also a locally trained musician, and he is now a mature exciting saxophonist who is already very good, and can only get better. A real star in the ascendancy. Greg Abate is an American now spending a lot of his time in the UK, and is a pretty astounding alto player. Robert Fowler is someone I feel we should know better. He is a mature player (I don’t mean old!) and wasn't at all out of place at any time during this long evening set. The sound of the ensemble of saxophones was really thrilling. And as the program notes did say, the tunes played were a mixture of new and the happily familiar. The entire evening reminded me of Benny Carters's two recordings,"Further Definitions", and "Additions to Further Definitions". Best set of the weekend? We shall see!!

David Newton, who played with a number of different groups during the weekend has always been a favorite of mine, and he IS getting better. Exciting stuff from him alone. 

All together a super end to a jazz festival Saturday

And so to bed. Next time I will write up the Sunday sessions.


in the meantime, dont forget there is Live Modern Jazz of the finest quality EVERY THURSDAY at The Hedsor Social Club, and it will only cost you £6!! And you can go home and sleep in your own bed (if you want too!!).

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