Tuesday, May 05, 2015

A Reminder

This week at Hedsor Jazz we have a “Special” for Election Night. 

You can vote with your feet for American Saxophonist FRANK GRIFFITH. He will be playing alongside our regular trombonist Clive Burton, and both will be backed by our equally regular (in time!) rhythm section!!

It is hoped that Clive’s wife Jan will be back with us this week too. Last week she very sadly had a eye stroke, which will need future treatment. She cannot drive at the moment but in the meantime she really wants to get back to us at Hedsor Jazz. She has been very touched by all the kind messages and cards that have been sent to her, and wishes to thank all who have been concerned.

SO two reasons to come out to us on Thursday. The election result will wait, but don’t forget to vote!

After the election results are announced, you MAY need some music to play at home to cheer you up OR to help you celebrate!!


This week I have listened to a stunning CD by Vibraphone player Robin Beaujolais called “Mind the Gap” With him are Robin Aspland on piano, Simon Thorpe bass and Winston Clifford drums. Its on Stay Tuned Records as ST009. It was released in 2013 and is that fine mix of good tunes (including 2 by Wes Montgomery, 3 by Roger himself and that lovely tune by Thad Jones “A Child is Born”). There is close interplay between the Quartet, if you have yet to have neither Roger Beaujolais or Robin Aspland to play at home it would make an excellent purchase. It is well recorded and a very good addition to your collection, especially if you like vibes!!

OK VOTE GRIFFITH ON THURSDAY Usual start time and fees apply!!

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