Wednesday, May 27, 2015

What with Bank Holidays and away days, 

I haven’t yet had time to tell you that THIS WEEK at Hedsor Jazz we have that superb trumpeter Stuart Henderson. He will be playing alongside Clive, and in front of our regular rhythm section. Well, that is what I am led to believe anyway! Thursday 28th May, your last jazz at Hedsor this month.

Do remember to put in your diary that Thursday July 16th is a NO JAZZ AT HEDSOR day. The club has a long standing booking for the main hall. You will just have to fill up before on jazz at the Swanage Jazz Festival (July 10th to 12th weekend).

The away day has prevented any serious listening to recorded jazz. On Monday we attended the Tetbury (Gloucestershire) Woolsack races. A typically mad English thing, where grown men (and sometimes women) run up and down a 1 in 4 hill with a 60 pound sack of wool on their back!!

Pictures below to prove my point! One volunteer, called upon at the last minute to complete a team, even ran it in bare feet! And some people think our love of Jazz is mad!!

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