Monday, June 22, 2015

Hedsor, and all that jazz!

My last blast of a blog before travelling into lightest Dorset and slightly darker Gloucestershire and before I return to live light Cookham.

I shall endeavour to nag you from various internet connections whilst away but this week, the last from my static line!!

At Hedsor Jazz this week we have someone who has never been to Hedsor Jazz before coming to replace our regular reed section!!

 You see two into one does go!

Kelvin Christiane is another multi reed player, with a huge reputation. He has made many CD’s, and can be heard on his latest with Nigel Price. It will be really good to have him with us at Hedsor, and I do hope you all turn out to hear him. You never know, he may even sign the CD you buy from him!! Check out his web site

One of my weekends in Dorset will be set aside for the Swanage Jazz Festival, something I have not missed in over 20 years. July 10th to 12th, it is one of the best celebrations of jazz that I know off. Marvellous music, and in such a marvellous setting too. will get you to more info about this years event. If it attracts you, buy your ticket and book your accommodation immediately!! Both get to be in short supply. There are many free jazz events, so even if impecunity is your status, do check out the program.

Also do remember that there is a steam railway line that connects Swanage to Corfe Castle, so some accommodation could be got further away from Swanage. Do check the times of the trains!! A late gig could mean a taxi back to your digs!


Is by Christian Brewer and his Quintet. Modern, Modern Jazz, but superbly played by young jazz musicians. No, it isn’t offensive, and it is exciting, and has one of my favourite pianists is on it too, Leon Greening. (Who will be playing Readings Progress theatre on Friday, check out

For a full write up of this 2006 release, see

I will leave you with the artwork!!

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