Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Hedsor Jazz

This week we anticipate the usual suspects at Hedsor Jazz. After last weeks party it will be good to hear the regular band once again.

We have become used to having star guests with us, but it was the regular band that has been together in one form or another for 20 years that is the sustaining force. Without them, there would be no first class band for our star guests to come and play with. All of the invited guests we have had over the years have been surprised at the first class quality of our regular quintet, now led, as an advert for Stuart Henderson’s day of jazz says, by “Reading legend” Clive Burton. No matter who or what has been the name of the band, it has always been Clive who has led, announced, and joked with all around.

Details of Stuart’s day of jazz this Saturday can be found at

Last weeks celebration of 20 years of jazz from Clive cannot go past without complementing Jan Burton on the magnificent spread of food that was on free offer last week. What a generous birthday party it was, especially considering Jan’s recent eye stroke.

 One of our "regular" star guests.. Ken McCarthy

Our "regular" pianist, Nigel Fox

I would point out that Clive was a "Reading Legend" long before he moved to Reading, and has been playing jazz for longer than 20 years!! 

CD’s to watch out for!

Two CD’s, both featuring American trumpet star Warren Vache have come to my attention recently. The first is on Alan Barnes Woodville records label, so it in two ways helps to feed Alans family because Alan also plays on it!! Called “the cobbler’s waltz” it has Warren and Alan backed by a top rank British rhythm section of John Pearce on piano, Dave Green on bass and Steve Brown on drums. It also has one of my favourite tunes “Swingin’ Till The Girls Come Home” on it! Well recorded swinging mainstream jazz on Woodville wvcd 140. It came out last year and will still be available.

The other Warren Vache CD is on the Arbors Records Jazz label, and features him playing tribute to the music of Benny Carter. As you would expect, this is another quality product from Arbors, with Warren being accompanied by Houston Person on tenor sax, Nicki Parrott on bass and vocals and Leroy Williams on drums. Great music, great recording, great tunes!

Its only recently been release and can be found as “The Warren Vache Quintet remembers Benny Carter” ARCD 19446.

Enjoy jazz wherever it may be found, but do remember to enjoy it at Hedsor Jazz FIRST!

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