Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Holiday Times

BUT our audience at Hedsor Jazz has been a good one for the last few weeks, long may that trend continue!! We have had some excellent sessions from the various shapes of The Clive Burton Quintet, guest saxophonists and guest bass players et al.

I myself this last week have been plagued with one of those weeks where everything has gone wrong, cars, computers, radios, cables, printers, I am obviously supposed to be going to Ninerva but didn’t set out on the journey!! (Do read up the story of Jonah)!! I’m off to Ipswich this weekend, so a collective crossing of fingers is required!

Our jazz this Thursday is again with our regular guys, so there will be an assured quality about the whole thing. Do tell your friends. I know that one or two of you have done so already, and have brought them with you. Once they know of our rich jazz quality at Hedsor, they do want to come again.

It IS that rich jazz quality that I want to demonstrate in our “Hedsor Jazz goes to school” day at Maidenheads St Pirans School. All bar one of the musicians who are on the bill have played at The Hedsor Social Club on a Thursday, and when you see the cast list, you yourself will be surprised. Please do buy a ticket and come for this splendid day. I don’t really want to mortgage my house again!

Below there is a timetable of who and when, it really will cause you a problem of choice!

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