Tuesday, August 11, 2015

OK it is now half past 77!!

Well, almost a week has gone by, so I can say “how time flies”.

Last weeks celebration of survival was a very enjoyable affair. The food provided was pretty edible! (Really it was wonderful, thank you Jan and June), and the music was excellent.

Robert Goodhew, our guest saxophonist, is getting better and better. His tone is big, with time and space for the thoughtful improvisations he is producing. His version of “Tickle Toe” was inspiring, and so reminiscent of Lester Young.

The Quintet rose to the occasion too. The larger than average audience always helps, but our Hedsor Jazz, hidden in the outback of Bourne End, is something to cherish. The music is of a very high standard, and I am proud to be associated with it.

Not that it cannot improve with education!! Which is why “Hedsor Jazz is going to school”. September 26th will place our regular guys on the same stage and on the same day as some of the best in the country. It is now only 5 weeks away, so do make sure you get your ticket by going on line to www.stpirans.co.uk or coming to see me at Hedsor on a Thursday.

This week we are back to our normal sized Clive Burton Quintet, but on bass this week we will have Steve Riddle, a great bass player and king of the motor cycle!

CD Heard This Week.

I am a fan of the Stride Piano style. It is exciting and fun. There is an American lady pianist called Judy Carmichael and I managed to purchase on of her earlier CDs this week as an American import. Entitled “Pearls”, it was recorded in 1991 and features Warren Vache on cornet, Howard Alden on guitar, and Red Callender on bass.  Jazzology JCD 204. It is light swinging and fun. I think you will be richly rewarded by the music if you can find a copy.

The title is taken from the tune by Jelly Roll Morton called “The Pearls” and I am reminded what a great tune it is. Dare I say, it could be played by a “modern” jazz group to great advantage! Because it is deemed “ragtime” modern jazz musicians often forget what good tunes there are from “back in the day”. Not all modern jazz tunes have to be composed in the 1950’s. One of the strengths of the pioneers of jazz was their ability to take hold of popular tunes of the day and translate them into jazz. So lets have a list of recently composed and popular tunes that could be used with “our” Quintet at Hedsor, and we will see what happens!!

That’s it for now folks, just tell your friends about Hedsor Jazz, and about our very special day on September 26th.

PS Message for Clive!!

I visited Dawkes this week, who will have a stand at our St Pirans day. Jon showed me a PLASTIC trombone, light enough for a child to hold, that costs just £125!!

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