Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Hedsor Jazz

At least you do get a blog this week! 

I’m having serious trouble shaking off this cold, now in its second week, and I am using it as an excuse to be lazy (no rude comments please)!

At Hedsor this week we have another relatively normal week (well for band personnel anyway). It will be Mike Jeffries last week as a dep for our “regular” drummer Martin Hart, so do come along and listen to him again, I know from a number of comments I have received how much you have enjoyed him being with us.

Our regular bass player will be back with us this week. Sounds like Ken Rankine had a good time last week with some well know BIG names in jazz.

Talking of Big Names in jazz we hope to bring you an “interesting” evening on March 10th. Keep the night free, as you may well be able to welcome at least one of our favourite stars back again.

No, not THEM, although it does show that we do sometimes mix in elevated company!

Due to this infernal cold I haven’t done so much CD listening as usual. Continual blowing of nose, followed by a cough, does rather interrupt the flow of the music. BUT I have been aimed this week at an extremely good streaming audio jazz site. The kind of music is a bit more traditional than that which I listen to these days, but when traditional jazz is played well, it is still very entertaining. Why not give it a try yourself .  

There are 2 channels to listen to at any one time and the standard of play is superb. Some of the names are also very well known, and the performances appear all to be live, (that means with an audience)!!

Don’t forget that my recordings of January 28th are still available for you to download with my DropBox link, this week I have added the track listings in as well.

Happy computing, but live jazz is at The Hedsor Social Club!!

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