Wednesday, February 17, 2016

This Week at HEDSOR JAZZ

We have our usual assortment of music and musicians(!) and I think we are back to our regular line up. 

Martin Hart will again be on drums after a 3 week gap where his spot in the band was very ably taken by Mike Jeffries. Ken Rankine will be dropping in from Portland to play bass, and the front line, complete with teeth and glue will be Clive Burton and Mike Wills. AND of course, and always to tumultuous applause, we have Nigel Fox on keyboard.

Two things of note for future consumption. Below is a poster for our concert on March 10th with guitarist Nigel Price, and you will see that we will also have saxophonist Robert Goodhew joining our front line. Actually he will be completing our front line alongside Clive, as Mike Wills seems to be in love with the railings around Oxford! Must ask him what colour paint he uses.

Another future date for your diary concerning "our team", or some of them anyway, takes place in Marlow Jazz Club. Anyone who came to the day of jazz at St. Pirans School last September will remember the super set given by Martin Hart and Mike Wills in their tribute to Benny Goodman. I am delighted to tell you that you will have another chance to hear that concert at Marlow Jazz Club on April 12th with exactly the same personnel as before. 

Above is a cutting from Michael Eagleton's Marlow Jazz web site 

Close inspection will reveal that the photo of the band was taken (by me) at the St. Pirans event. I did make a recording of this set available to Michael and I am delighted that he has now booked the band for his club.

That's probably enough for you to digest on any given Wednesday. I suggest coffee and chocolate digestives should now follow. See you all Thursday.

Geoff C

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