Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Coming to Hedsor Jazz THIS WEEK

Over the past few weeks we have had some exceptionally good sessions at Hedsor Jazz, with a wonderful mix of guest musicians. Some came simply as deps for others who were/are on holiday, some came as additional featured guests, but whatever the reason we have had some fantastic sessions.

Musicians come to us because they enjoy playing jazz at the quality level that Hedsor Jazz always produces. Without exception, they all want to come again.

And this week is no exception. Mike Wills is away, so we have a dep!! That dep is none other than Simon Spillett.

OK, so he only brings ONE reed instrument, a tenor sax, BUT…… it might be the one that used to be owned and played by Tubby Hayes. Simon is the world renowned expert on Tubby, but without doubt Simon his own man.

With him on Thursday we will have the rest of “our own men”! Clive Burton of course on Trombone (now with improved teeth fixative!), Ken Rankine bass, Nigel Fox keyboard and Mike Jeffries on drums (I think Martin is still negotiating the Bay of Biscay).

So, for just £6 you get to hear wonderful jazz, you get free parking, free raffle ticket at entry, and beer at club prices. Now try THAT at Ronnie Scott’s. A friend went last week, and a Bacardi and coke plus a tonic water cost £15!! On top of the entry charge, they had to make that last all evening!

CD Recently Listened to

Most of the music we hear at Hedsor is 1950’s style bop, with occasional excursions into more modern styles, or perhaps we hear some hints of swing. Many years and another lifetime ago I used to play trumpet in a trad band and I still have an appreciation of the tunes and well played traditional style jazz. Sadly today more often than not you hear that kind of jazz played by people and bands who have been playing the same notes and telling the same jokes since 1956!! But when played with thought and expertise, it can still be exciting and very enjoyable.

I have been listening to a double album from Proper Records titled “Chris Barber, Memories of my Trip”. Issued in 2011 it was to celebrate Chris’s 80th birthday and it has an extremely wide selection of music and musicians, all playing at some time since 1954 with Mr Barber. I recommend it to all jazz lovers, because the list of guests is mouth watering. Brownie McGhee, Sonny Terry, Rory Gallagher, Jeff Healey, Van Morrison, Andy Fairweather Low, Keith Emerson, Edmund Hall, Trummy Young, Mark Knopfler and more.

The double album is a real adventure in Jazz. Give it a go PRPCD073.

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