Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Jazz Happens at Hedsor

even when I'm on a holiday break! 

Jazz has "happened" at the Hedsor Social Club every Thursday for over 14 years, and this coming Thursday is no exception. There will be another absentee apart from myself, and that is our regular bass player Ken Rankine, who from an early hour on Thursday will be making his way to Malta. Ken can speak Maltese and I can speak Dorset, so even if this blog comes to you via a dodgy laptop, we will all be able to understand it!!

In Ken's place will be Steve Riddle, taking time off from teaching people how to ride a motor bike.

The rest of the band will all probably seem familiar. You KNOW it's good at jazz, and always fun to hear and for you be seen at Hedsor Jazz, so do make good my absence and come in my place. 

Do also take time to promote our forthcoming concert raising money (I hope) for Cancer Research. See last weeks blog for the poster details. It would be good to sell tickets in advance of the event on May 14th, but they will be available on the door subject to capacity. But to be sure of YOUR place for the music and buffet, buy a ticket either from Dee on Thursday, or from Cookham's Stationery Depot.The price is just £10.

I have brought down to Dorset a number of CD's to listen to, so my next blog entry should let you know what I think of some of them!! 

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