Friday, March 17, 2017

Good Morning All,

I just thought it appropriate this morning to write  to say "thank you" to all who came last night for a memorable evening of jazz. 

Thank you first to all of the performers. The music was often unbelievably good. "Mercy Mercy Mercy" stands out. A feature for Kevin Armstrong, I thought it brought out the very best of our rhythm section as well. Our regular reed man Mike Wills was also exceptional on more than one tune!

Alison Bentley I know delighted the audience. Starting the evening off with the once banned song "Love for Sale" was not one for any blushing violets!! After that her confidence just grew!

Thank you too for all who donated raffle prizes in response to my plea after Clive had taken the raffle bag home last week. There were over 10 donated gifts for the raffle, well done everyone.

Thank you also to Geoff Swaffield who took the photos  (below) of the evening on his iPhone. I wish I could afford one!!

No, I didn't record the evening. Perhaps that was an error on my part!

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