Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Not a full blog as there is little to report. Our regular band will perform at it’s regular place and time on Thursday.

We have one deletion to mention. The saxophone rehearsal group will NOT now be coming to try their skill against our rhythm section on March 30th. We have left our offer open to them when they feel they might like to try at some future date.

Don’t forget that on March 16th we still have Alison Bentley and Kevin Armstrong to look forward to. Clive will be away, but our saxophone section will be bringing our guests with him all the way from Oxford. Do look them both up on my links from last week and on YouTube.

Soon, I hope to review some more jazz recordings. This past week I have installed into my listening room a Sony DAB tuner, and the sound quality is superb. So CD listening has been curtailed!

One final point. Wasn't Rory our dep pianist last week terrific! Well I thought so! 

However the reason we had him was in fact a sad one, and as it was Nigel Fox's brother in law who's funeral he had to depart for, we must offer him and presumably Ingrid too, our condolences.


Geoff C

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