Monday, June 12, 2017

Hedsor Jazz His Week

May NOT have the dramatic end result of a hung parliament. I know many of you did vote for Lester Brown and doing so you did have a great night out. Pity Mrs May wasn't with us this time! 

With two brass players in evidence I had to request "The St. James Infirmary Blues". They did well, Clive and Lester, but did not surpass my favourite version, that of Bruce Turner (the dirty bopper!) with Humphrey Lyttleton's band from the Conway Hall LP recorded on September 2nd 1954. This was such a favourite of mine that I wore out the first LP and purchased a second. I now have it on CD as well.
Even this CD is now 17 years old. Calliagraph CLGCD 038

I remember discussing with Humph some years after 1954 (at a Brecon Jazz Festival whilst he signed my copy of his latest LP with Buddy Tate) why he wasn't "now" using CD's. He said he wasn't sure if the technology would last. Well, it might not be the only music technology around, but it has lasted, and I for one am glad that much of H. Lyttletons output is now on CD.

The last 2 weeks of innovative jazz at Hedsor has had some of it recorded on my mobile phone. Yes really new technology! If you would like to hear some or all of the last 2 weeks music again I am making the recordings available via BlogSpot and mp3. They are in mono (well it was my mobile phone!), but will bring you much of the feel of those 2 nights. Sadly the Lester Brown session I only recorded the second set. Look for the links at the bottom of this blog page. I will leave them available for one month, so if you want the recordings get downloading now.

Now THIS week (Thursday June 15th) we have another treat. A man making a name for himself as an author, jazz reviewer, and most importantly of all as a jazz saxophonist. A great friend to Hedsor jazz Simon Spillett will be with us again. This one you will have to hear live because I wont be recording it (he has a contract!). So if you want to hear it you will have to be there, helping to keep live jazz alive.

No matter how good the great recordings of the past have been, or how often you can listen to them again and be transported back to, well 1954, NOTHING is as good as experiencing the music as it is created!

And for our entry fee of £7, which includes car parking and a raffle ticket too, that is a steal. We are TOO generous.

You COULD pay more!

The link to my DropBox recordings made at Hedsor is

Dont forget, this link is only available for 1 month.

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