Monday, June 26, 2017

Hedsor Jazz had a very enjoyable session last week with Frank Griffiths playing some wonderful music with our Hedsor Special rhythm section of Martin Hart, Ken McCarthy and John Monney, augmented again last week by guitarist John Coverdale. And as prophesied we did get some awful puns from Frank! The audience did start off a little on the thin side (numbers only, nothing personal!), and as Frank said, "we are now going to play "Tea for One", but, by mid session it had grown (just like in middle age!).

At the end of last weeks session we didn't have our guest musician arranged so it couldn't be announced, but I can now tell you that it will be saxophonist Kelvin Christiane (see this link for more info and some of his music) 

He was with us late last year, and it should be a really good session. 

We will have with us again Ken McCarthy on keyboard so do come along this Thursday and feast your ears on some lovely live music.

OK Glastonbury we ain't, but then, you can get very close to the musicians, and even get their autographs and you don't need a special pass to do it,

just £7!!

Clive may well be with us Thursday, however he is having his first new formula chemo today, so he may need the rest.

One piece of advance notice. On Thursday July 27th at Hedsor we are helping vibraphonist Alan Grahame celebrate his life in music, and we anticipate a very special gala evening. There will be a limit on the number of tickets to be sold for this gig as he is inviting many lifelong friends from the music business to join him and our Hedsor rhythm section to help him celebrate. So put July 27th in your diary now and when tickets are available (possibly by next week) make sure you buy yours asap!!

TTFN    Geoff C

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