Wednesday, July 05, 2017

You will be relieved to read that DUE TO HOLIDAYS, this will be my last blog for the better part of 3 weeks. ALSO due to decorating and visitors, it will be SHORT!!

THIS WEEK (July 6th) we have as our guest that wonderful trumpet player Stuart Henderson. We hope that Clive and a semblance of our usual rhythm section will be on had to help him out!

NEXT WEEK (July 13th) we have that very nice saxophonist Mark Aston coming to play. He tells me that he now has a baritone sax in his arsenal and will bring it with him!

Very soon after I get back, we have a very special Thursday evening. On Thursday July 27th Vibraphonist Alan Grahame is celebrating "A Life in Music" with us all at Hedsor Jazz. He himself will have around 40 guests joining him, but he wants our regular quintet and our regular clientele to be part of the evening as well. Before I go on holiday, I will be printing 40 tickets for sale to Hedsor Jazz Friends. These will be £10 each and will be available in the weeks before on a Thursday night, or from Cookham's "Stationery Depot". 

It will be a very special evening indeed, so do ensure YOU get your tickets before the night. 

Whilst away I will be taking in what I am told is the last Swanage Jazz Festival. I hope to be able to share photos and comments about it when I return. Until then, or this Thursday,


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