Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Hedsor Jazz

A short blog this week.

As mentioned last week, I have been busy packing PC’s and laptops for export to Ghana where they are used by a village school to teach their youngsters. I am told by the chief that 450 children a week are taught on what I have sent out over the years, all donated by local people as they were now surplus to their requirements. So, jazz has been in short supply this week. 

How they are moved at the other end!
Robert on a past visit to Hedsor

However, I am looking forward to this Thursday, as we have a return visit to Hedsor by tenor saxophonist Robert Goodhew.

Jazz recorded listening was also truncated during the past week as we entertained a lady chief of the village (Nyaboo). She is however a very good choral singer and I have listened to large chunks of Mendelssohn’s “Elijah” off YouTube whilst she memorised the score. She is appearing in London’s Albert Hall in June!!

So join me in my Jazz rejuvenation on Thursday for a listen to Robert alongside our regular guys in the band.

One last mention. Our Brunel Student (Rory) is doing a grand job in trying to raise the awareness of students to jazz and to Hedsor Jazz in particular, and he has started a FaceBook page in order to spread the word. Please take a look, and pass on to others, with a suitable glowing comment about how good your experience of it all is!! PLEASE!

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