Tuesday, May 29, 2018

 Hedsor Jazz, or that was a week that wasn't!

Those of you who were there will know that I wasn’t! Annoyingly it wasn’t holiday that got in the way, it was my health yet again.

Wednesday morning I woke up with a fever, and June took me to a GP in Tetbury. Yes, I do like to try out the  NHS in different parts of the UK. I really couldn’t determine which bit of me had given up this time BUT neither could the GP. SO a BIG dosage of anti biotic and I slept most of last Wednesday. Then June had to drive me home on Thursday, the longest drive she has done in a long time! I am now better, just in time for the funeral of a dear friend tomorrow!

I hope to make Hedsor this week as we have our regular Clive Burton Celebration Quintet with us, and I am really looking forward to it.

The Cotswolds are very beautiful, but seem to be a part of the country that is devoid of jazz. I did troll the internet, but nothing remotely like jazz seemed to be available, even on a once a month basis. Just remember that Hedsor Jazz followers, we are around every Thursday and have been since 2002!

I understand that last weeks session did draw a bigger crowd than usual. Lets hope we can gain a bit more regularity (no not an advert for All-Bran) from some of the people who have tasted the delights of Hedsor Jazz and Rebellion Beer!

One of our favourite star players had an announcement on Facebook this week, and I will risk litigation by reproducing a screenshot from it below:-

Congratulations Vasilis and Maria, and welcome to a changed world!

I too was born in the same hospital, and lived for many years in Hammersmith.

Whilst away, apart from visiting some wonderful countryside, and seeing
some great stained glass windows, I did trawl some charity shops and came out of one with a great Benny Goodman compilation CD recorded between 1941 and 1955. OK so I have heard most of the tunes before, but NOT the recordings. The variation in personnel was interesting, and overall, a very good cleanup of the recorded sound. Its on the Giants of Jazz label CD 53054

And just as an added treat I will include some of Geoff Swaffield’s photos from last week AND a link to my holiday photos now in DropBox. Who said I couldn’t bore for England!

The link to my holiday photos is:-


NOW your week is complete!!

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