Monday, October 29, 2018

Hedsor Jazz

Yet again last Thursday Hedsor Jazz provided a superb night of innovative and exciting jazz. 

Once upon a time you would have heard Clive chime in with “but this wasn’t it”, but last Thursdays session was really IT. The combination of Simon Spillett and Stuart Henderson, with great assistance from our rhythm section, produced an evening of pure magic. Excitement, innovation, bravura playing, yes, they were all in the mix, but jazz magic dust was sprinkled in there too. I know all who were there (and many were) felt that special buzz. 

It just goes to prove yet again, that it pays to come out to live jazz. I have a very large collection of recorded music, collected over many lifetimes, but what may have been exciting when it was recorded, is very good to listen to again, but no longer has that same shiver of excitement that must have been in the room when it was played. It happens live and it happened at Hedsor last Thursday. It cannot always be foretold, we do try our best to put on jazz at very reasonably cost that has at least a chance of offering up that opportunity.

So, how can we follow that. Well, Kelvin Christiane had a dame good try last time he was with us, and he is with us again this week. 

I’m going to put out our list for the rest of the year, both here in the blog, and in printed form on the tables at Hedsor. 

This week again, the photos from last week are all from my car boot camera. Yes, Geoff Swaffield was there, but he forgot his phone! So all the shots are from my static position!

So, here’s the forthcoming attractions. Do let people know.

Hedsor Jazz Gig List to December 20th  

Most weeks whoever occupies the “front line” is backed by our rhythm section who are usually made up of Nigel Fox on keyboard, Steve Riddle or Peter Hughes on bass and Martin Hart on drums. Sometimes these regulars arrange for other guest deps. to take their place.

November 1st is now not as previously advertised. Tonight we will enjoy the combined talents of Kelvin Christiane on reeds and perhaps flute and guitarist Terry Hutchins.

November 8th two jazz stars for just £7, saxophonist Duncan Lamont jr and trumpeter Stuart Henderson

November 15th “our” trumpeter Lester Brown and rising star saxophonist Robert Goodhew

November 22nd a change to our previously advertised program. We have a return visit of guitarist Max Brittain to play alongside vibraphone player Alan Grahame.

November 29th American saxophonist Frank Griffith will be joined by a guest that has yet to accept our invitation. Watch the blog! 

December 6th  “Our” Lester Brown on trumpet and flugel horn will be joined by that superb swing style saxophone player Al Nicholls.

December 13th Lady saxophonist Sue Greenway is paying a return visit. We have yet to find her a partner. Watch the blog for updates

December 20th  our Christmas Concert. We are delighted that award winning singer Tina May has again promised to be with us and we have also managed to book an accomplice of Tina’s, on saxophone Karen Sharp. BUT  we have also secured trumpeter Stuart Henderson to join us as well. This will round off our year with a real party, jazz style. Buffet food, 8pm start and a £10 entry

We are already working on our guest list for next year, and it we will probably start again on Thursday January 10th 2019. Be aware, and put this in your new diaries NOW, that on January 24th we have that wonderful Greek master of 
music Vasilis Xenopoulos coming. He will be alone in front of our rhythm 
section and he will be investigating the music of Jerome Kern 

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