Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Is JAZZ the only sane system in an otherwise 21st century world? Discuss!

Well perhaps not!

Well maybe during bass solos! After all, talking has always been the answer to the question “What do you do during bass solos? 

BUT not at Hedsor Jazz please! We do have a variety of bass players now coming to play for us at Hedsor Jazz, and everyone of them brings something different and worth listening out for.

BUT this week we are going to concentrate of SAXOPHONES!

This Thursday (October 31st, the only day to find yourself in a ditch OR engaged with a broomstick) we will have 2 saxophonist, at least one of whom also plays the trombone! 

And we will have “our” usual trio of piano bass and drums behind them. 

BUT we will have the following instruments in front of the trio:-

Soparino, soprano, alto, C Melody, tenor and baritone saxophones plus Bb, alto and contra-alto clarinets.

And of course that trombone!

The two guys trying to make up their minds as to the tunes to play and the key to play them in will be Mark Ashton and Mike Wills.

This will be a unique event. Please don’t miss it. Bring your camera’s, it will be hard to find that collection of reed instruments anywhere again!

I bring my camera most weeks, and last week was no exception. Stuart Henderson and Kelvin Christiane and for 2 tunes in the second set Kelvin’s partner Lesley played and sang for us and photographic evidence of it is below. The room was nicely full, and the music was exciting and vibrant and sponsored!

I know I almost promised last blog to review recent cd’s added to my collection, but I really haven’t yet had time to do any serious listening. I’m old fashioned, I like to listen to music at home as an individual activity, not as a background one, and porch and other events have meant that I have had no real possibility of doing that, and I will listen and comment very soon on some recent acquisitions. 

I listen on adult sized Hi Fi equipment, some of it as old as you are, (probably) and at a volume level that could not be considered background. Due to the porch development at the front of our house I have had ample opportunity whilst chasing up orders to listen to the holding pattern music, and that is better heard when travelling in a lift! I know that my custom is of value, but so is my time, not just theirs! I really do want to listen to music in comfort and quality. So bear with me for future comments. 

If you want to listen to some music that has been played at Hedsor recently, then try this link from my DropBox folder:-

This is The Clive Burton Celebration Quintet recorded by me on October 17th.

Our sessions for the coming 5 weeks  are listed below. Tell you friends. For those who don't know the way, Hedsor Jazz is held at The Hedsor Club, 2 Hedsor Rd, Bourne End, SL8 5ES  and it is free to park there!

  7th      Alan Graham vibes + Mike Wills reeds with Roger Davis on bass
14th      Lester Brown trumpet  + Mark Aston reeds
21st      Al Nichols reeds + Simon Wilde trombone with Peter Hughes on bass
28th      Frank Griffith tenor sax + Lester Brown trumpet with Terry Davis on bass

5th        Ian Smith trumpet + Ollie Wilby reeds with Terry Davis on bass

19th will be our Christmas party with special guest Tina May

And that is all I have for you this blog day. I’ll see you all on Halloween at Hedsor Jazz! 

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