Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Morning All,

This week sees us all settling down to a Winterish normality! Dark nights, but the same regular live JAZZ. Something for you to go out too, now its too late to garden when you get home!!

Tomorrow Lynn Garner and Ken McCarthy are back at The Harrow up the Hughenden Valley. Last week Lynn had leave of absence whilst she played a gig with Century Jazz at the Farnham Maltings. This time I did actually go along. Its a very nice venue, spoilt only by bad signposting. Certainly bad for those of us travelling in the pouring rain who didn't know where to go!! The real positive side to this event was the reaction of the audience!! Used to a more traditional jazz music than Century Jazz's modernist sounds, it was a pleasure to see them melt as they realised what a pleasant noise they were hearing. By the end I was very sad that I hadn't taken Century Jazz's Concert CD to sell, but I did pick up one mail order!!

So, those of you who have not yet ventured forth to The Harrow (to hear Lynn sing), or to Hedsor on a Thursday to hear the Clive Burton Quintet play, or to Fifield on a Sunday to hear Century Jazz play, have been missing great opportunities. Please rectify that this week!!

To recap, Wednesday, Lynn and Ken at The Harrow start at 8.30 pm, and its FREE!

Thursday The Clive Burton Quintet at The Hedsor Social Club start at 8.30 pm and you will be asked for money, but you may win a raffle prize!

Sunday at The Fifield Inn starts at 8 pm, food is available, and again you will be asked to buy a raffle ticket or 5.

My listening pleasure at home has been enhanced by 2 cd's this week:-

The first is a Blue Note CD issued in 2003 by Cassandra Wilson, called "Glamoured". I find her slightly male sounding voice most attractive and a bit different from the normal jazz singer, and she sings some interesting songs with a mostly acoustic accompaniment (a variety of guitar, bass and drums with even an added banjo on "Honey Bee"). The first track will have you wondering "where have I heard this before". "Fragile" is a Sting song!! Also included are Bob Dylan's "Lay Lady Lay". Well worth seeking out. There are a lot of numbers on the sleeve, but 7087 6 17932 2 2 may get a result!

The second CD is a brand new issue on the Arbours Records label. Mostly of the people I don't know, but they are playing wonderful swing music that I do! John Sheridan's Dream Band, "Easy as it Gets" contains some wonderful tunes (Devil May Care, Morning Glory, Me, Myself and I, and I'm Sitting on Top of The World to mention just 4!) played by people who know what they are doing, and are right on top of it! Mr Sheridan leads from the piano, and is ably supported by Randy Reinhart on cornet, Russ Phillips trombone, Ron Hockett clarinet. Scott Robinson on tenor sax I have actually heard and met!! Phil Flanigan bass, Bob Leary guitar, Joe Ascione drums and there are some vocals by Rebecca Kilgore. Its effortless music and leaves you with a smile on your face. That's Jazz!!

Dont forget (no, not the diver), the live jazz, go and support to keep it alive.

But for now, let me say .....


Geoff C

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