Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The Norma Winstone Album I rave about today!!

Another Tuesday, another nag, but hey, you know it brightens the week!!

And THIS particular Tuesday its a Jazz from Geoff night. Thats right, it not a third Tuesday, but it IS my night at The Old Bell TONIGHT!! You will be able to listen to CD's, and buy some at silly money, AND have the enormous pleasure of listening to Live Jazz Music from "The Usual Suspects". And just so that people know that I am in some way associated with this splendid band of fellows ( OK, I'm NOT blind, Lisa IS a girl!), my new email address is geoff.jazzsuspect@tiscali.co.uk and yes, I am back on Broadband!!

So DO come along. We don't charge money, but we do ask for a generous donation. SO if your a pensioner, or on some other life support system, it wont break your bank to come out and keep live jazz live!

And neither will the gig on Wednesday at The Harrow in the Hughenden Valley. Lynn Garner and Ken McCarthy sing and play for your pleasure (if your there!), and its FREE!! 8.30 pm start, and a great night out.

Thursday we get ugly if you don't pay us. The Hedsor Social Club has the Clive Burton Quintet playing from 8.30 pm. It really is some of the best jazz you will be able to get to from where you live!! Last week, a number of new arrangements, which were played publicly for the first time, had most of us with our mouths wide open; they are just such an accomplished band of musicians. You really will kick yourselves if you never come and see them.

Sunday, Century Jazz at The Fifield. I noticed yesterday (I Lunched there) that they no longer call it The Fifield Inn. Presumably its because its the only pub left in Fifield!

CD of the week for me MUST be Norma Winstone and Tony Coe Singing and playing about "Manhattan in the Rain". One of the best vocal jazz albums I've ever heard! I have long been a fan of Tony Coe, right from the age of about 20 (he would have been about 18!). His lovely dribbling sound gets right under your skin. Norma Winstone I have always understood to be the singers singer, but she does sometimes sing some very advanced stuff, which is very difficult to get hold of. However, this album, recorded in 1997, has her singing mostly standard material ("People will Say Were in Love", "Shall We Dance", When The World Was Young"), with an understanding of the words and a musical ability that takes your breath away. The way she manages to stick to the tune and the tempo, when all around her are doing their best to alter both, is remarkable. And as an entity, it really does work. I first heard it on Humphs Monday night program a week ago, and just had to order it then and there. A repro of the cover is on the Blogg, it’s on the ENODOC Records label, number ENOCD 001. Her fellow collaborators on it are Steve Gray on Keyboards and Chris Laurence bass.

Well, that's it for now folks, the cartoons follow............a long way behind!

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