Friday, May 06, 2011

The Morning After the Night Before

Last night we held a concert at The Hedsor Social Club in memory of Zane Cronje, and to raise money for the Thames Valley Hospice, which I think is now called Thames Hospicecare.

It was a very pleasurable affair, and I'm sure Zane would have been delighted with the mix of music and musicians. It was great fun, and I have put with the blog some of the photos I took last night. I'm sure more will follow; John Slater was also taking pictures, as well as playing (at different times!), trumpet and keyboard.

Our stated aim was also reached, we will soon be able to pay over to TVH £600 directly raised from last nights concert.

Can I take this opportunity of thanking all the musicians who came and took part and all the musicians who simply came to be in the audience, including the Estonian Ambassador (!) Also a big “thank you” to all the fans who came and supported in memory of Zane. It was wonderful to have Margie back at Hedsor again, with members of her family. It must have been very hard for her, she would have been missing a pianist. But she is a brave lady, and I did notice that she had a smile on her face by the end of the concert.

We have all lost friends and family to cancer. What you have all done by supporting last nights event is to add a little comfort and support to those who are going through the dreadful final process of the disease.

More later, but for now….Thank you.

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