Thursday, May 19, 2011

Simon Spillett with Clive Burton
Michael L Roberts with Vasilis
Stuart Henderson with Mike Jeffries on drums

Just a quick nag this morning (where does the time go to?), to say that TONIGHT (May 19th) at Hedsor we have a VERY special night of jazz.

There are 3 guests with the band tonight. Clive is still doing community service, so in his place we have that superb trumpet and flugel horn player Stuart Henderson. Accompanying him is saxophonist who star has truly risen(!!), Simon Spillett.

As Martin Hart is helping Clive with his service to the community, drummer Mike Jeffries will be in the middle of it all. On Keyboard Nigel Fox, on bass Ken Rankin. 8.30 pm start £5 entry.

Then tomorrow another superb night of jazz. For the Cookham Festival Jazz evening at Pinder Hall, we have Vasilis Xenopoulos, and his Xtet. That means, if you have yet to get a ticket, hurry up, it will sell out, there are really only a few left. Try ringing 01628 531178 (The Stationery Depot in Cookham) to see if any are left. If you do have one, what a treat we have coming up. With Vasilis will be singer Michael L Roberts, Nigel Price on guitar, Leon Greening on piano, Mark Rose on bass, and Matt Home on drums.

I dont know how we do it!! But from 8 pm on Friday night, we do!



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