Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Another Special Week

Hedsor Jazz has another special guest this week. On Thursday we have none other than that VERY SPECIAL saxophonist Vasilis Xenopoulos coming to play for us. 

He probably needs no introduction to regular members of Hedsor Jazz, but for those who haven't heard him before do everyone a favour, including yourself, and come along this Thursday. He plays exciting tenor sax and has studied with  some great American saxophonists too. He graduated as a Master of Music from Berkley Collage in Boston U.S.A.,the premier jazz music university. He told me that one of the things they taught him there was that the audience is important, and you must entertain them, as well as yourself!!

Vasilis is a regular festival attraction, having performed twice for us at The Cookham Festival. He is also a frequent performer at other festivals, including Ealing and again this year he will be at Swanage in July with another of my favorites, Nigel Price on guitar. They will both be with me in August at Hedsor celebrating another of my birthdays!

Come and see him this week at Hedsor, and help US keep great live jazz alive locally. It will cost you £6 to get in, there is free car parking and the music starts at 8.30pm.

Vasilis will be playing alongside our regular Quintet, Clive Burton on Trombone, Mike Wills on various Reed instruments, Nigel Fox on Keyboard, Ken Rankine on Bass (look out for him on the new British Heart Foundation adverts!), and a guest drummer (well it saves him lurking by the bar every week!) Mike Jeffries on Drums. Our regular drummer, Martin Hart, is taking his wife Glenn with him to do his community service in India this next week or so!

Vasilis and Clive at Cookham

Looking back on last weeks Hedsor Jazz wasn't Tracey great fun? I am always overwhelmed by the great big TONE she gets from that tenor sax. 

I was also impressed that she stuck to our contract! She didn't sing!!

One important thing I must mention before I close. Hedsor can now be accessed from all direction without the use of waders. The River Thames is back within its banks, just, so the roads are largely flood free. Be aware of some large puddles, and of POTHOLES.

One final word, do read last weeks blog because I wrote about some CD's I had listened to and would recommend. 

Now there's a thing. Another advantage in coming to listen to Live Jazz at Hedsor is you can buy some bargain priced part used CD's there as well!!

So we will see you all, wont we?!

Geoff C

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