Wednesday, February 05, 2014

It looks like being a great February 

at Hedsor Jazz.

Which I would remind you is held EVERY THURSDAY at Hedsor's Social Club from 8.30 pm.

This week (Feb 6th) we have the normal (?) Clive Burton Quintet, bringing you melodic memories from the bop tunes of the 50's and 60's. We do however have a guest bass player in the shape and sounds of John Monney.

The following week (Feb 13th) we have American saxophonist (now UK resident) Frank Griffith  ( He has been before, but not since we have been in the BIG ROOM!

The following week (Feb 20th) we must all gird up our loins for a return of lady saxophonist extraordinaire Tracey Menham

Those of you who have had the Tracey experience before will need no further encouragement to come and experience the Mendham phenomenon again. Those who haven't yet had that deep joy MUST come and see who I am writing about. It will be a thoroughly entertaining evening, the like of which you will not get for £6 anywhere else!

Feb 27th will bring you another gripping jazz experience. Our guest is Greek Master of Music saxophonist Vasilis Xenopoulos. Tell your friends, make up a party, because he is now so well know on the London Jazz scene that he doesnt get to play with our Quintet nearly as often as we would like him.

A Poster for the February's events is reproduced below together with a link to the PDF File on DropBox.

If you could print some posters off and plaster your neighbourhood with them we could share our joyous music with others!


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