Thursday, February 13, 2014

"I don't care what the weatherman says, When the weatherman says it's raining, You'll never hear me complaining, I'm certain the sun will shine.
The lyric is "Jeepers Creeper" by Johhny Mercer

On my last blog update I gave a kind of Jazz Forecast for the prospects for February. It was fine! Unfortunately the weather has been less pleasant, and my access to the Hedsor Social Club has become more difficult.

The good news is that despite the flooding, I can still get to Hedsor, and so can you. The Hedsor Club is open for business, and as long as you choose your route carefully, you should get there without too much of a problem if a slightly longer journey.

The band can get here too (I have just woken Clive to be assured!) and our special guest tonight is well worth making the effort to come and deserves our support. It is non other than American saxophonist Frank Griffith. Tonight will be his first appearance in the Hedsor Big Room!

So do spread the word, Hedsor Jazz is ON TONIGHT. Usual time, 8.30pm, usual entry fee £6

Dont let Live Jazz be another casualty of the storms that rage around us!!

Below I repeat the main text of an email I put around on Tuesday. If you look at the photos of the river you will see how much wider it is than ever before!!

Please be aware those travelling to Hedsor from South of Hedsor should look out for flood diversions. I'm pretty certain that those who approach the Hedsor Club from the hill above it (as if coming from Cliveden), will get there. The B4447 and the A4094 are at the moment both closed through Cookham. You will not get over Cookham Bridge, great tune though it is!
Below is a link to photos of the floods at Cookham that I took Tuesday.


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