Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Good Morning England!!

I am away at the moment and wont be at Hedsor this week. However JAZZ WILL!

The Clive Burton Quintet will be giving another excellent performance, something which is ALWAYS well worth the £6 entry fee. Hedsor Jazz has been established now for over 12 years, and we will continue to bring you great jazz every week.

We have not been sitting on our hands either, February as you know had some great sessions brought to you by some great saxophonist augmenting our always excellent quartet. Well, other great guests are in the pipeline.

Saxophonist Robert Goodhuw, who guested alongside Vasilis Xenopoulos in Febuary, is being re booked just as soon as we can get him, and singer Gill Cook has also asked to come and sing for us again. She will have a new album out in May and we hope she can come and sing for us in June

On 22nd May we have The Remix Big Band led by trumpeter Stuart Henderson. We are going to use this occassion to raise funds for Cancer Reserach UK, so do put that firmly in your diary NOW.

On August 7th we will have Vasilis Xenopoulos's new band "The Wind Machine" coming. Do listen to there new album. Their arrangements of big Band tunes for quintet are wonderful, but then so are the musicians playing the tunes. They will all be with us on 7th August so again put it in your diary.

Another musician some of you have requested to hear again is Jez Cook (OK no jokes about too many cooks please) and we are going to get him along VERY soon. 

So jazzers, just keep supporting Hedsor Jazz by coming out on a Thursday night. Tell your friends, Hedsor Jazz is NOT supposed to be a secret!!

So from a grey coast near me,


Geoff C

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