Thursday, March 20, 2014

Some More Dates for Your Diary

Confirming some of the information from my last blog we now have some definite dates for you to add to your diary.

Next week, March 27th, we have been able to re book that lovely guitarist Jez Cook

I can now confirm the date for saxophonist Robert Goodhew (sorry for the mis-spell last issue). He will be joining us on April 17th (Maunday Thursday).We will be back with a two saxophone and trombone front line that night, which give Hedsor Jazz gives a wonderful sound!

I can also now confirm that singer Gill Cook is going to be coming to us on June 19th

With our previously confirmed bookings (The Remix Jazz Orchestra) on May 22nd and Vasilis Xenopoulos and "The Wind Machine" on August 7th, we have a fine and varied selection of live jazz coming to Hedsor. Spread the word.

Try the links for some of their recorded sound:-  for a Jez Cook video   for The Wind Machine  will get you to some sample sounds from her forthcoming album.

Just a passing thought, it's amazing what you can do on a netbook !!

One final passing thought, is this all vanity?

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